The company

TENSYL is an engineering office whose main activities are consultancy, study and analysis of structural and mechanical systems. For almost 10 years TENSYL team has been dedicated to structural analysis of composite structures.

TENSYL's involvement can be from the definition of the main design parameters to the building of the first items.

Services provided by TENSYL are:

  • Setup of main parameters and pre-scantling.
  • Finite Element Analysis.
  • Manufacturing process Analysis.
  • Checking existing designs.
  • Aero-elastic analysis.
  • Scientific software development.

Main fields of activities are:

  • Nautical industries and racing boats.
  • Railway industries
  • Aeronautical industries.

In those fields, TENSYL develops specific strategies:


  • For Composite industries:  Top to bottom approach in which TENSYL is able to assist customers on the various steps of its project from design to manufacture.
  • For Nautical industries: TENSYL provides a horizontal approach in which TENSYL is able to provide services out of the structure boundaries with: Aerodynamique studies ( CFD and Wind tunnel ), aero-elastic analysis....
TENSYL - Bureau d'ingénierie - 48, rue de Vaucanson - Pôle Arts & Métiers 17180 PERIGNY - FRANCE
Tel: +33 (0)5 46 28 22 83 - Fax: +33 (0)5 46 28 19 94 - Email:
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