TENSYL team is made of:

  • Manager (PhD) : Julien Valette.
  • Administrative Resp: Amandine Rousseau


  • Structural & R&D Engineer (PhD) : Damien Caous
  • CFD/Thermal Engineer (Msc): Alexandre Guilloux.
  • Composite Engineer & Research PhD (Msc): Nicolas Lavauzelle.
  • Composite - test technician (Bs&Msc): Matthias Meiffred.

According to projects TENSYL is adjusting its resources by hiring temporary engineers or by using its network of partners to suit the best the needs of the customer.

TENSYL has been created by Julien Valette, mechanical PhD who has a double skills in:

  • Industries area in the design and process of composit material.
  • Scientific area in structural modelisation and Finite Element methods.

Industrial skills

Professional activity in the composite field since 1996 :

Innovative projects :


  • High speed Catamaran for transportation IRIS.
  • Freight carrier.
  • Structural elements for High speed train TGV.

Sports projects:

  • Maxi Multihull The Race.
  • America's Cup 2003 et 2007.
  • Monohull Open 60 for Vendée globe.

During all those projects, the following skills and experiences were developed:

  • Usage methodologies of advanced CAD tools.
  • Management of technical data.
  • Modelisation of complexe structures.

Scientific skills


  • Master Degree from ESEM : Ecole supérieure de l'Energie et des Matériaux.
  • DEA Material Université Pierre et Marie Curie Paris VI.
  • PhD mechanic from University of Orléans.
  • Research/Teacher at I2M : Institut of Mechanic - Univ. Bordeaux.

During its PhD on the development of a simulation software for the mechanical behaviour of sails, Julien Valette has developed the following skills:

  • Finite Element theory.
  • Advenced mechanical behaviour : non linear behaviour, contact....
  • Software development with object oriented methodologies.


TENSYL - Bureau d'ingénierie - 48, rue de Vaucanson - Pôle Arts & Métiers 17180 PERIGNY - FRANCE
Tel: +33 (0)5 46 28 22 83 - Fax: +33 (0)5 46 28 19 94 - Email:
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