Material ressources

CAD tools

  • CATIA V5.

Current standard in the railway industry and becoming one in the nautical industry with the setting of the digital mockup in several major companies: Beneteau, Jeanneau....

TENSYL is part of this on going process as partner of Dassault System, the editor of CATIA solutions.

Numerical simulation tools

  • General All purpose FEA tools:

NASTRAN and academic tools to solve for :

  • Static linear calculation.
  • Non linear large displacements calculation.
  • Elastic, plastic, visco-plastic behaviour of materials.
  • Modal mode and eigenvalues for vibration.
  • Transient and frequency dynamic calculation.
  • Modal mode and eignevalues for linear and non-linear buckling analysis.


  • Process simulation tool :

Solution developed during SESIFAC project with OSEO-ANVAR support for process: injection RTM, RTM-eco and infusion.


  • Aero-elastic simulation :

In-house code developped since 2004 as a continuation of the PhD work of Julien Valette :

  • Fabric mechanical behaviour.
  • Non linear large displacement model.
  • Aerodynamic - structural coupling.

Experimental tools

Test Dept:


  • Raw material test: polymer viscosity, reinforcement premeability and compaction....


  • Mechanical test: quasi-static and fatigue tests.

All tests according to ISO or ASTM standards.

Manufacturing Dept :

100 m² dedicated to manufacturing with:


  • Equipment for LRI, RTM, C-RTM and filament winding.
  • Owen 350 °C.
  • Stamping press.
  • 3 axis CN milling.



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