2007 News Autumn

Salon nautique La Rochelle - Le Grand Pavois

Bénéteau Swift Trawler 52 Presentation.

During the Grand Pavois International Boat show,  Bénéteau  presented their new 50ft monohull trawler model.


TENSYL actively participated in the boat's structural design, notably the wheelhouse, working in combination with architect Michel Joubert and the Bénéteau design office.

Allures 51 Announcement

The Allures Yachting shipyard has announced its new model, the Allure 51, designed by the Berret-Racoupeau design office. TENSYL has been entrusted with the mission to verify the yacht's structural integrity as they have been in 2003  with the Allures 44 series.

Feasibility study projects

Sport material Studies

TENSYL carries out  feasibility studies for the sports sector industry which wishes to develop composite material models. TENSYL ensure different projects design of composite structures, validation, and definition of fabrication procedures. Furthermore, TENSYL, carrys out fabrication costing,  including tooling, consumables, materials and man hours.   

TENSYL can demonstrate excellent previous experience for this type of technical-economic  feasibility study project,  as in composite pieces;  for example :
R&D piece studies for the new generation TGVs for ALSTOM transport.
Studies and specification definitions, for a call for bids,  in the La Rochelle Encan, courtyard  lighting towers.


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