SESIFAC presentation

SESIFAC : SErvice de SImulation de la FAbrication de pièces en matériaux Composites
(Fabrication Simulation Service for Composite material Pieces).

We propose to composite material piece manufacturers, a new integrated service, in simulating the  fabrication of their pieces before manufaturing.

This simulation allows:

  • Validate the feasibility of a piece for a given fabrication procedure.
  • Define the principal parameters for the fabrication of the piece.
  • Optimise the existing procedure.

The enterprise can also :

  • Shorten the development time and costs for a fabrication series.
  • Minimize the risks of a faulty production.
  • Simultaneously optimize the piece and it fabrication.

The simulation of the composite pieces fabrication procedure applies only to composites produced with fabric based reinforcements (fabrics, cloth, unidirectionnal or grouped fibers) and resin.

The simulation concerns the procedure in carrying out the following:

  • RTM: Resin Transfer Molding
  • RTM light - RTM Eco: Resin Transfer Molding with low injection pressure w/o vaccum assistance
  • Infusion also known as LRI, RFI, SCRIMP...

Our intention is to give access, to all of the SMB composite sector businesses, an  integration of advanced technological means, allowing assisting and fulfilling the services of putting into place new processes of Infusion and Injection.

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